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Samsung UK’s Twitter confirms that the Galaxy S2 will be getting Ice Cream Sandwich

To be honest, we’re not surprised to see this, given that Samsung Italy had already confirmed that the S2 (along with the Note) would be getting to play ball with Ice Cream Sandwich.

All the same, it’s good to see some official confirmation from Samsung UK. Us tea-sipping, weather-complaining Android fans can rest easy now.

The announcement is somewhat timely, given that today has seen the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus at Phones 4U, Three and O2. We joined the queue for the first Ice Cream Sandwich phone and dutifully unboxed it as soon as we got in.

Nothing in the way of exactly when Android 4.0 will be rolling out; though we’d imagine that it’ll be a few weeks, or at least until Vodafone, Clove and the rest get a chance to sell theirs.

Post-updating to Ice Cream Sandwich, will the S2 stand toe-to-toe with the Galaxy Nexus? Let’s not forget the Galaxy Note’s getting an update as well. We feel another smartphone showdown coming on…

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

Source: Twitter


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