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Sky Go for Android available now

** Updated **

Sky Go has been released for Android devices via the Android Market having been available for the iPhone and iPad for a few months now. We knew it was on its way, but with no date set in stone, this surprise will make for a happy Monday if you’re an Android user who’s been longing for a set-top-box in your pocket.

With a limited range of compatible devices (HTC Desire, HTC Desire S, HTC Desire HD, HTC Incredible S, HTC Sensation, Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy S2) unless you own one, you may need to curb your enthusiasm. With any luck, more handsets will be thrown into the mix in the coming months.

The application allows streaming of live TV, however doesn’t allow for Anytime viewing, access to your Sky+ content or downloadable content. The fact it isn’t available for any Android tablets is also a touch irksome. That said, provided you have a stable connection, you can now enjoy live Sky TV in-line with your package on the go.

Why the limited handset range? We suspect the reasoning for this has a lot to do with security and device specific testing to ensure piracy of content is avoided at all costs. With other stringent security measures suggested like HDMI output disabled and word that the application won’t run on rooted phones.

** Update – we can confirm that the Sky Go app does not work with rooted devices and can’t output content via HDMI **

So if you’re a Sky customer with a compatible handset, just mosey on down to the Android Market to get the app. It looks like you can have up to two devices registered per account, so download Sky Go, get your mobile TV on and feel free to share your experiences once you do in the comments section below.


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