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Sony reports hacker attack: 93,000 accounts affected, all credit card info safe

BlackBerry makers RIM might not be having the best of times at the moment, but they ought to spare a thought for Sony, whose PlayStation Network has been intermittently offline this year.

The electronics giant recently reported that its networks had suffered yet another hacking attempt. Though some 93,000 user accounts have been temporarily suspended, Sony has announced that “if you have a credit card associated with your account, your credit card number is not at risk.”

Phillip Reitinger, Senior VP and Chief Information Security Officer for Sony Group, said in a blog post that there had been attempts to:

“test a massive set of sign-in IDs and passwords against our network database. These attempts appear to include a large amount of data obtained from one or more compromised lists from other companies, sites or other sources.

In this case, given that the data tested against our network consisted of sign-in ID-password pairs, and that the overwhelming majority of the pairs resulted in failed matching attempts, it is likely the data came from another source and not from our Networks. We have taken steps to mitigate the activity.”

If you are among the 93,000 that has been affected, you should have already received an email from Sony “at the address associated with your account” which will tell you how to go about re-setting your account.

Props to Sony for being on the ball and letting its customers know; we just hope that the BlackBerry email issue can now be resolved ASAP.

Source: PlayStation Blog