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Sony Xperia P Hands-on photos

The Sony Xperia P has just made its way into our offices and no sooner than it was unboxed, we held it in front of our camera and fondled in a bid to share with you some tantalising hands on pictures and first impressions. For anyone who can’t quite remember where the P fits into the mix, it’s just below the Xperia S and above the Xperia U, all part of Sony’s NXT line bearing their ‘Iconic Design’. If that sounds slightly fluffy to you, we’re not going to argue, but we’re totally sold on all three phones look, combining smooth geometric curves and bold angles. In turn, Sony are clearly doing something right.

Inside the Xperia P is a dual-core 1GHz processor with 11GB of user available memory. It sports a 4-inch qHD display making for a sharp image and also packs Sony’s White Magic technology suggested to improve power management and outdoor viewing. Around the back is an 8-megapixel camera with an LED flash capable of shooting full 1080p video and utilising the same fantastic UI as found on the Xperia S.

What’s interesting about the Xperia P is that it’s the construction is unibody aluminium, something we haven’t seen from the Sony / Sony Ericsson camp before. It’s incredible holding a device so similar to the Xperia S that feels markedly different. With ports exposed unlike on the S and the capacitive buttons instantly more usable, Sony have clearly addressed some of the Xperia S’s shortcomings in the Xperia P, but how does it stack up across the board? We’ll be bring you our full review in the coming days, but in the meantime, enjoy our hands-on photos above.


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