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Sony has announced the miniature Xperia Z1, but it’s only available in Japan for now

A leak from Japanese carrier Docomo at the beginning of the month suggested that Sony was ready to release a mini version of the Xperia Z1, called the Z1 f. As it turns out, that’s exactly right. The phone is now official in Japan, and that leaked spec sheet was bang on the money.

The Xperia Z1 f includes a 4.3-inch 720p display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 SoC, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, a 2,300mAh battery, and the same 20.7-megapixel camera found on the Z1. Those are pretty impressive specs considering other companies are treating 4.3-inch handsets as mid-range devices. It’s good to see Sony offering true flagship features in a smaller package.

Having said that, the phone is only destined for Japan for now. Docomo will release the phone at the end of the month, but there’s no word on if Sony intends to release the phone internationally. We live in hope.


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