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Soundcloud, Guardian, Independent and others join Spotify in the Facebook Timeline party in the UK

Along with Spotify, the Guardian and the Independent have announced that they’re developing apps for Facebook’s forthcoming Timeline.

The Guardian app will allow you to post links to articles you’ve read to your feed if you want to, or remove them from your activity log if you don’t want friends and colleagues to know that you’ve been spending too time on Comment is Free when you should be working.

Same goes for the Independent, which allows you to sling articles to Facebook by opting to the ‘Recently Read’ app. Again, you’ll be able to filter what articles make it through to your profile from within the app or from your Facebook profile.

Not content to let Spotify hog the music playing stakes on Facebook Timeline, music streaming rivals Deezer have signed up, allowing you to share your music tastes with friends, as have Soundcloud and Mixcloud, enabling users to share songs and mixes that they’ve found or, if you’re a creative type and you want to show off some new tracks, you’ll be able to unleash your new tunes on your friends and followers as well.

There’s also set to be DailyMotion and MyVideo apps for Timeline, ideal for your Adventure Time sharing kicks and Artfinder, an art-sharing service (kind of like Google Image Search filtered for Tate Members) has also announced that it’s developing a Timeline app.

French movie discovery service Cinemur has also announced that it’s working on a Facebook Timeline app for Europe, but its yet unclear if this’ll be heading to the UK or will be confined to La France.

Moire information on these as and when we get it; stay tuned for updates.


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