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Sphero Spiderman interactive toy tour: Unboxing, setup and hands-on review

We fully tour the new Sphero Spider-man interactive toy, complete with iOS/Android app and a built-in mic and speaker, to interact with users. Check out our full unboxing, setup and hands-on review with Spider-man.

What is Sphero?

Sphero is quickly asserting itself as the champion of interactive movie tie-in toys. First came the super-cute BB-8, which could be rolled around using the remote control app – or even ‘using the force’, if you had the nifty wristband model.

Then came the excellent Sphero Lightning McQueen earlier in 2017, which was a step beyond. You could once again steer him around using a remote control app, but this time he could interact with you thanks to his emotive LED eyes, voice feedback and plenty of built-in functionality.

What is the Sphero Spider-man toy?

Just a short time after Lightning’s release, Sphero is back with a new toy: this time an interactive Spider-man, ahead of the Marvel movie reboot. Spidey has similar LED eyes, as well as a mic to listen to your commands and responses. In this way he can react to you in all kinds of ways, including playing games, telling you stories and even guarding your room.

Sphero Spider-man unboxing and hands-on video

We’ve unboxed, setup and gone hands-on with the new Sphero Spider-man toy, so you know exactly what to expect from this awesome interactive gadget.

You connect to Spidey using your mobile phone, once you’ve downloaded Sphero’s own app. The two pair up using Bluetooth and then the app uses your WiFi connection to check for updates, downloading and installing them onto the toy when available.

With that done, your next task is to choose your own superhero name. This is how Spidey will henceforth refer to you. Now for the fun part: time to get down to chatting and interacting with the motor-mouthed hero.

You can simply kick back and listen to Spider-man’s stories from his heroic escapades, or command him to tell you a joke. Alternatively, you can play a simple game or even go fighting crime together.

Check out our full 20-minute tour in the video below, to see some of Spider-man’s functionality and features.

Sphero Spider-man UK price and release date

You can buy the Sphero Spiderman right now in the UK for £150.


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