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St. Patrick’s Day edition of Angry Birds Seasons on iPhone and Android now

The green-tinged St. Patrick’s Day edition of Angry Birds Seasons we chirruped about the other day is down available to download from iTunes and the Android Market.

An additional 15 levels are now available as a free update to Seasons, which has, as you probably know by now, given us Hallowe’en and Valentine’s Day themed levels as well. As well as the 15 levels, there’s three bonus Golden Egg levels to unlock too.

Like with the Valentine’s version, you have an option to post a greetings card to your friends’ Facebook walls. Do people give out cards on St. Patrick’s Day? We just assumed it was an excuse for non-Irish people the world over to hitch on another country’s bandwagon and get irresponsibly drunk (and for Irish citizens to celebrate their country’s patron saint, of course).

Angry Birds Seasons costs 59p in iTunes (the same as the standard game) whereas it’s free on the Android Market (but ad-supported).

The next edition of Angry Birds expected to hit is Angry Birds Rio – a tie-in with an upcoming CGI movie about parrots or something.


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