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Stunning new Apple iPhone 5 renders appear online

Looks can be deceiving, but any breath of the Apple’s next iPhone gets people excited, especially now that the company have unveiled the host of new features it’ll offer in the form of iOS 6. But this new iPhone render is one of the most convincing we’ve seen.

Step forward Martin Utrecht, 3D illustrator and all round master of CAD visualisation if these images are anything to go by. Picked up by SlashGear, Martin’s renders have already fooled some other mobile sites, which even he was surprised by, but the quality of the realism in unquestionable.

The 3D model (honestly these aren’t photos) is the most realistic and accurate looking interpretation of what the iPhone 5 might look like we’ve seen. Away from the concept approach of Antonio De Rosa, Utrecht has based his design on all manner of leaked photography, schematics and video footage already floating around online. The concept gives us a sense of size, scale and proportion, with the new, longer/taller display which is all but certain to have finally exceeded the 4-inch mark.

The rendered iPhone also showcases the new drilled speaker grilles and and micro dock port which were spotted in the recently leaked back plate video as well as the brushed metal back panel of the expected unibody design.

Thankfully we missed the boat on treating this as a real, fully assembled iPhone 5, but we wouldn’t be surprised if one or two do genuinely emerge in the final days before its official announcement, expected to take place in September/October.

In case you were wondering, Martin created these stunning visuals using Rhinoceros 3D.


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