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Super Mario Run tips and tricks: How to master Mario’s first mobile game

Our Super Mario Run tips and tricks guide will help you to master Mario’s very first mobile game, out now for iPhone and iPad. Here’s everything you need to know to collect all of the special coins, unlock the characters and reach the end of the game.

Super Mario Run has just hit the App Store and we’re already huge fans of this mobile version of Nintendo’s classic platformer. We’ve collected together a bunch of tips, tricks, hacks and other essential info so you can beat the game and unlock all of its secrets.

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Super Mario Run tips and tricks: Basic moves

Tap while Mario is mid-air and you’ll perform a spin, which lowers you to the ground more slowly. A handy tactic for collecting difficult coins, or chaining together enemy kills.

Also remember that when Mario hits a ledge face-first, he’ll grab a hold and clamber up. This makes it possible to get on top of platforms that in previous games would have been out of reach.

To jump as high as possible, keep your finger on the screen when you tap to jump. If you’re struggling to reach particularly high areas, try switching to Luigi (once you’ve unlocked him) – he can jump higher than the others.

Super Mario Run tips and tricks: Switching characters

Mario is, of course, the game’s default character. He can beat all of the Mario Tour levels, but if you want to collect all of the coloured coins and unlock all of Super Mario Run’s secrets, you’ll occasionally need to switch to a different character – as they each have a special talent.

For instance, Toad’s special ability is running faster than the others, which means he can reach the goal quicker.

Luigi can jump higher than the others, to reach platforms and coins that the others can’t.

Yoshi can ‘flutter’ in the air if you hold your finger on the screen when jumping, to go even further.

You can unlock characters by playing through the Mario Tour game.

Super Mario Run tips and tricks: Collecting coins

Make sure to collect as many coins as possible in each Super Mario Run level, to boost your score. The most important coins are the pink ones, which are worth ten of the standard gold coins. If you collect all five pink coins in a level, you’ll be gifted a reward such as rally tickets.

The next time you play the level you’ll have five purple coins to collect instead, which are trickier to bag and still worth ten gold coins. And if you manage to collect all of the purple coins, the next time you’ll have five black coins to grab – which are even more difficult to reach, and again worth ten gold coins.

If you spot a red coin, don’t get too excited. They’re only worth the same as a standard gold coin. Blue coins are worth two gold coins.

If you see a coin directly above a question block, you can hit the block to collect the coin (as in the pink coin version of World 3-2).

Super Mario Run tips and tricks: Points

When you complete certain actions in Super Mario Run, you’ll be rewarded with points. These can be used to unlock special rewards.

Head to the My Nintendo section from the game’s main screen and you’ll be able to see all of the rewards that you can unlock. Tap ‘missions’ and you’ll see a list of actions that will earn you points. Some of these are very simple, such as playing the Toad Rally game each day (10 points), linking the game to your Nintendo account (100 points) and adding friends (100 points for your first buddy and then a further 100 points for every five friends on top).

You can use points to unlock characters, coins, rally tickets and furniture for the Build section of the game.

Super Mario Run tips and tricks: Dealing with enemies

Basic baddies like the Goombas and Koopa Troopers pose no real threat in Super Mario Run, as Mario can vault right over their heads if he runs into them. All the same, you should try and ‘stomp’ them in order to boost your score. Jump as Mario touches them and he’ll bop them good, which gives you some points.

For a big score boost, try chaining together these enemy kills. If you jump as you hit a Koopa Trooper, its shell will zip out in front of you, killing everything in sight.

Tap the Menu button in the game’s main screen and then poke the Notebook, and you’ll be able to see a list of all enemies you’ve encountered so far. Next to each enemy you’ll see a meter. This is the overall body count, i.e. how many times you’ve defeated that type of baddie.

If you max out the body count meter, you’ll ‘level up’ that enemy. Don’t worry, this doesn’t make them tougher – in fact, it’s a good thing. When an enemy type reaches level one, you get a gold coin every time you beat one of them. At level two you’ll get two coins and at level three – guess what – you get three coins.

Remember that when you fall from a great height and land, Mario will momentarily roll. This can defeat enemies that normally need to be stomped.

Super Mario Run tips and tricks: How to play offline (when you have no mobile signal)

One of the biggest pains with Super Mario Run is the way you have to be constantly connected to the internet in order to play. Not good news if you end up in a building where there’s no mobile signal, or in some kind of reception black hole.

Thankfully you can try connecting to WiFi networks on the move, if your signal is iffy. Check out our guide to connecting to free O2 WiFi in the UK, which is available in a huge range of locations across the country and free to anyone – not just O2 users.


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