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SwiftKey Beta arrives on Android: Watch your back, Swype

Swype might be the darling touchscreen input method du jour, enabling world record-breaking efforts and generally being a bit of a cool swot. The beta of SwiftKey has just turned up on the Android beach though and is kicking sand in Swype’s face.

SwiftKey is basically a simple touchscreen Qwerty with a genius predictive text system which makes for a much faster typing process. When you type, suggestions pop up in a bar above the main keypad.

Doesn’t sound very exciting or much different from the default Android keyboard but the spelling suggestions offered are scarily accurate. For example ‘See you at the station at 8’, ‘you’ was suggested immediately and all the other words were suggested after the first two letters were typed.

SwiftKey has apparently taken two years to perfect but it looks like it’s been worth the wait. It features something called the Fluency engine which apparently learns how you write so suggestions become more accurate over time. There are a number of ‘Language Modules’ including UK English so you won’t be told off for spelling words like ‘colour’ and ‘centre’ how they’re meant to be spelt.

To get a better idea of how it works, check out the video below. We’re really taken with SwiftKey and hope that it gets rolled out to other touchscreen phones soon.


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