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T-Mobile’s The Full Monty: Unlimited calls, texts and internet on all phones, coming 1st of Feb

We heard some rumblings of T-Mobile’s plans to do The Full Monty, offering punters unlimited calls, texts and internet data over the weekend – now it’s been officially announced.

Taking a leaf from Three’s The One Plan book, T-Mobile’s The Full Monty 24 month plans start at £36 and give you unlimited calls to other T-Mobile numbers, (2,000 minutes to other numbers) unlimited texts and crucially, unlimited data.

For those who want the fully Full Monty package, those start at £41 a month, giving you unlimited minutes to all other networks alongside texts and data.

This is properly unlimited as well; but T-Mobile says that there’s “no fair use restrictions” on internet use, texts or calls.

Ben Fritsch, Head of Propositions for T-Mobile UK said in a statement that: “Over the past two years, we’ve seen a rise in mobile internet use of over 250%, which reflects the consumer trend of being ‘always on’ wherever they are. However, consumers also still want to retain a more personal level of communication by calling or sending a text.

The Full Monty has been designed for customers who want the peace of mind that there are absolutely no limits placed on their allowances, whilst also knowing they’re getting market leading value for money. We believe our Pay Monthly portfolio offers plans to suit anyone’s needs, all at accessible prices – and we’re really proud to be the first to offer a plan like The Full Monty in the UK”.

Doing The Full Monty with the iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S2 and HTC Sensation XE

T-Mobile Full Monty deals will apply to a wide range of phones including high-end Android phones, BlackBerries and iPhones.

More pricing details will be available after The Full Monty launches on the 1st of February – this Wednesday – but for now we know that you’ll be able to get a 16GB iPhone 4S for £99 on the £36 plan.

On the £41 a month plan the cost of a 16GB iPhone 4S drops to £29 and you can get one for free, for £46 a month. The Samsung Galaxy S2 and HTC Sensation XE can be had for free on the £36 a month deal and the BlackBerry Bold 9900 can be snapped up free on the £41 a month plan. Check out the table below for a round-up of what’s on all tariffs.

Will I get unlimited data when I use Orange’s network?

Yes – as part of the Orange/T-Mobile big 3G switch-on, you’ll be able to use Orange 2G and 3G signal to make calls, send texts and access the internet and it’ll be covered by your unlimited Full Monty Plan.

More details will be coming our way on Wednesday; until then there’s this page on T-Mobile’s site which you might want to keep an eye on.


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