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Tesco Mobile offers ‘lowest prices’ for iPhone 4S 16GB

Tesco Mobile has announced a pretty competitive offering for those after an iPhone 4S, the long-awaited iPhone 4 follow-up which hits starts hitting shops tomorrow.

Touting what it calls the “lowest cost of ownership deal currently on offer with a 12 month contract” Tesco Mobile will be offering 16GB editions of the iPhone 4S for £335 up front on a £25 a month contract.

While this isn’t the lowest you’ll be expected to pay for a 16GB iPhone 4S on a 12 month plan (you can now get it for £319 on a £36 12 month Vodafone deal) it is the lowest entry price for the phone on a £25 deal. Further up on the scale, the price falls to £235 on a £35 a month price plan.

In some cases, the Tesco Mobile deals are cheaper overall. However the one deal which sees you getting a 16GB 4S for free – a £45 24 month deal – isn’t as good as the O2 £41 24 monther, at least until you take data into account.

Crucially, all of the Tesco Mobile iPhone 4S deals come with a healthy 1GB of data bunged in and unlimited Wi-Fi, including BT Openzone access. So whichever price option you go for, your app downloading and cloud syncing allowance will be the same.

We’ve included Tesco Mobile’s full iPhone 4S prices in the table below. There’s no pre-order option and so no guarantee that you’ll actually get one tomorrow. However you can register your interest now, and you’ll be notified by text when your iPhone 4S is available to order.

Tesco Mobile is also rolling out a Clubcard points scheme, in anticipation of high demand and the possibility of delays. New customers will earn 250 points if there’s a 2 week wait and 500 points if you end up waiting 4 weeks for your iPhone 4S to arrive.

Existing Tesco Mobile customers can earn double, 500 points for a 2 week wait and a meatier 1000 points for 4 weeks. So at least if you’re stuck waiting for your iPhone 4S for a month, you’ll be able to take the sting out of the weekly shop by the end of it all.