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This £149 Windows 10 laptop/tablet is seriously good value

The Venturer BravoWin 10KT is one of the most affordable Windows 10 hybrids around, offering the flexibility of a tablet that can quickly and easily convert into a full Windows laptop for just £149. Here’s our Venturer BravoWin unboxing video and don’t miss our full BravoWin review.

We’ve played with loads of Windows 10 hybrids lately, including Microsoft’s own super-charged Surface Pro 4 and cheaper options like Acer’s well-built Switch 11V. Check out our Best Windows 10 tablet/laptop hybrids feature for a run-down of our favourites.

However, these WIndows 10 tablet/laptop convertibles don’t come cheap; even the Switch 11V will set you back over three hundred quid. That’s why we’re suitably impressed by the Venturer BravoWin 10KT, a Windows 10 tablet that comes bundled with a keyboard dock for just £149, less than half the price of its cheapest rival.

The BravoWin packs an Intel Atom Core 4 processor backed by 2GB of RAM, along with 32GB of storage (expandable via the memory card slot). Performance so far seems decent, with office apps running smoothly and only the occasional chug when multi-tasking.

That 10.1-inch screen sports a basic 1280×800 pixel resolution, but again that’s perfectly fine for the likes of web browsing and document editing. Even editing complex spreadsheets while zoomed right out wasn’t an issue, with text remaining sharp enough to be clearly readable.

What really impressed us was the BravoWin 10KT’s selection of ports. You get HDMI for hooking up to monitors or projectors, plus a full-sized USB port for attaching peripherals. Unfortunately all of the ports are crammed onto one edge of the tablet, but this hasn’t been an issue so far.

If you want to use the BravoWin as a laptop, just slide it onto the bundled keyboard dock and you’re good to go. The two pair securely thanks to the magnetic grip and won’t separate unless pulled apart, while the keyboard is immediately recognised every time.

Check out our in-depth BravoWin review, and take a gander at our unboxing video below for a closer look at the tablet/laptop hybrid.



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