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Venturer BravoWin 10KT Review: In Depth

The Good

  • Super affordable
  • Full Windows 10
  • Convertible
  • HDMI

The Bad

  • Chunky
  • Ropey touchpad

Venturer BravoWin Review: This £149 Windows 10 tablet/laptop hybrid seems to be too good to be true, offering impressive flexibility and connectivity for under half the price of many affordable rivals. So, is the BravoWin 10KT the perfect Windows 10 device for your kids or an ideal cheap-as-chips travel companion? Here’s our full review.

Venturer BravoWin Review: Design and connectivity

A quick glance at the BravoWin is enough to reveal that it’s an ‘affordable’ tablet. That plastic casing is quite chunky, with visible screws and joins, along with a pretty basic silver finish. However, Venturer also claims that the BravoWin is tougher than its Windows 10 rivals, able to survive a drop of around a metre onto a hard surface. The tablet certainly feels rugged, showing no signs of damage when bashed around (although there is some creaking under pressure).

One of the most impressive parts of the BravoWin’s design is its connectivity options. You’ve got microUSB and a full-sized USB port for attaching peripherals or hooking up to a computer, while the HDMi port – something rarely found on tablets – allows you to connect to a TV or projector. There’s a memory card slot for expanding the 32GB of storage too.

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All of these ports are housed on the left edge of the tablet, which makes things a little cluttered, but it’s no biggie. You can still fill all of the ports without any obstruction.

My only disappointment when it came to connectivity was the lack of support for 5GHz WiFi. This meant I was stuck using the rubbish 2.4GHz office WiFi, which is slower than a legless hedgehog.

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Venturer BravoWin Review: Laptop conversion

If you want to convert the BravoWin into a Windows 10 laptop, just slide the tablet into the bundled keyboard dock. The joining process is quick and easy and the two hold together impressively well, thanks to the magnetic slots.

And although the keyboard feels quite ‘cheap’, with a loud typing action, it’s also perfectly possible to touch type at a decent speed once you’re used to the compact build. The keys are a good size and well spaced and they depress a satisfying amount, unlike the cover boards on devices like the Surface Pro.

However, the screen does only tilt back roughly 45 degrees, so the BravoWin isn’t particularly easy to use when sat on your lap. Thankfully the display’s decent viewing angles mean that it’s still possible, just not particularly comfortable.

I’m not a massive fan of the integrated touchpad, which is very small and lacks buttons. You can still left and right click by tapping the surface with one or two fingers, and use two fingers to scroll through web pages and the like. But unless you’re trying to highlight a section of text, I’d recommend sticking with the touchscreen instead.

Venturer BravoWin Review: Screen and media

Despite that low asking price, the BravoWin’s 10.1-inch screen is more than up to the job. The basic 1280×800 pixel resolution means your HD movies won’t shine, and obviously you can’t expect strong contrast or super-vibrant visuals. But clarity levels are perfectly fine for working on complex documents and sheets and viewing angles are decent for a budget device.

On maximum brightness, the screen does struggle a little to cut through glare from sunlight and strong overhead lights. You’ll likely need to retreat to a less bright environment, or get used to squinting at the display.

A single speaker grille sits on the back of the BravoWin tablet, putting out some surprisingly loud audio on top volume. It’s super tinny sound, but it’s perfectly fine if all you’re doing is checking out those super-cute cat video compilations on YouTube.

Venturer BravoWin Review: Performance and battery life

A basic Intel Atom Core 4 processor runs the show, performing solidly when it comes to office software and basic apps. You can happily smash out a Word document while watching a YouTube clip, for instance, while simple games also run well.

Of course, if you try to do anything more complex like video editing, you’ll see the BravoWin start to struggle. But as a laptop for your kids to churn out their homework on, this is a dependable device given the low cost.

Battery life is about average, giving around four hours of document editing per charge. Try streaming video non-stop and this dips to around two to three hours.

Venturer BravoWin Review: Verdict

For £149, the BravoWin 10KT really does offer impressive value for money. If you’re after a flexible Windows 10 device that quickly converts between tablet and laptop forms, with solid budget performance and respectable specs, this definitely does the job. 


Screen size10.1-inches
Screen resolution1280x800
OSWindows 10
Front camera2MP
Rear Camera2MP
ProcessorIntel Atom


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