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Vodafone offer up low cost roaming EU broadband for £8

Vodafone appears to be on a roll. With the impending implementation of new regulated international roaming charges for mobile users being put in place by the EU Commision, carriers are already looking into ways in which to offer the best rates now, ahead of the predefined price drops. For mobile users, Vodafone was the first on the scene with its new Euro Traveller service, however now the company is offering mobile broadband users their own serving low cost mobile services throughout Europe.

Unlike mobile users who were given the opportunity to pull their UK tariffs along for the ride without fear of excessive roaming costs (at just £3 a day), this new service provides a generous 100MB of data abroad (within the EU) for just £8 a day. If prospective users are thinking of travelling a little further afield, the same offer can be had outside of the qualifying countries for a far more modest 25MB a day.

Vodafone hotspot

For those interesting in taking Vodafone up on this offer, don’t book your weekend away just yet, as it won’t be coming into effect until the 1st of July. This new deal does differ from similar tariffs offered by the carrier such as their Data Traveller tariff which applied outside of Europe, providing users with 25MB for just £5 a day.

As a security measure Vodafone mobile broadband users are automatically opted in for a data usage cap of £42 whilst roaming. Heavy users will be billed at 69.6p per MB when they exceed their allowances within Europe and £3 per MB outside of it for the first 5MB, followed by £15 for 5MB succeeding that. If you’re curious, we list the countries which qualify for the European offer in the Euro Traveller post linked above.


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