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Wi-Fi-only Samsung Galaxy Tab available from Asda for £277

Honeycomb? Pah. iPad 2? Piddle. BlackBerry PlayBook? Poppycock! If you’re still in the market for an Android tablet filled with Froyo, then head on over to Asda Direct. The supermarket giant is now peddling Wi-Fi only versions of the Samsung Galaxy Tab for a cool £277, exclusively on it’s website.

Adding on the standard price for delivery, this totals £281.95.

Compared to the asking prices of current-gen tablets like the Motorola Xoom (£480) HTC Flyer (£600) and LG Optimus Pad (£750), this deal compares quite well.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab might not have all the refinements of Honeycomb or a beautiful UI like HTC Sense 3.0 on the Flyer, it’s asking price is pretty attractive.

But the Galaxy Tab has been promised an update to Android 2.3 Gingerbread, which as we’ve seen on phones, will bring some nice things like improved cut and paste, better app management and better download management.

It still won’t be able to offer a gaming experience on par with the likes of the forthcoming 10.1 and 8.9 Tabs, but for things like browsing the web, checking email, reading ebooks on the Kindle app (or your reader of choice) it should suit you just fine.

The real question is, if you’ve got £280-odd sitting around, do you shell out now or put it towards your Honeycomb tablet fund?

Update: we’ve just been tipped by one of our readers that the Wi-Fi-only Galaxy Tab can be had for a little bit less from eBuyer – £269.98 with free delivery, arriving within 5 working days.

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