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Windows Phone 8 to gain 1080p display support in upcoming update

Just about all the major players in the smartphone space have begun to include 1080p displays on their flagship Android handsets, but no one has done the same with Windows Phone due to the lack of support for the resolution. That could soon change, according to The Verge, who has heard from sources that Microsoft will soon include 1080p support in an upcoming Windows Phone 8 update.

As with the current crop of Android devices, 1080p Windows Phone handsets are expected to come with screen sizes of five inches and up. The update that will add the high resolution support, dubbed General Distribution Release 3, will also reportedly allow the use of newer Qualcomm processors. That would let OEMs take advantage of the currently available quad-core processors, bringing Windows Phone flagships up to speed with their Android counterparts.

HTC was due to release such a handset last year, codenamed Zenith. The company scrapped its plans for the device, however, when it realized the specs wouldn’t hold up to the equivalent Android flagship. Microsoft and its partners have probably realized by now that specs still matter in the eyes of the consumer, hence the upcoming update.

The Verge believes that the GDR3 update will be implemented in time for the all important holiday season towards the end of the year. HTC announced its last flagship Windows Phone, the HTC 8X, in September, so we could be looking at a similar timeframe for a new crop of Windows Phones featuring 1080p displays and quad-core processors.


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