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Windows Phone 7 update: Here comes cut-and-paste

It’s coming up to a month since Microsoft first trumpeted a free update to their Windows Phone 7 handsets. Now they have revealed on their US site what this update will do- and it’s pretty much what they told us in January.

Copy-and-paste will arrive across the phone, meaning we won’t have to meticulously memorise phone numbers, email addresses or physical addresses any more. You’ll then be able to transplant this info into Office documents, emails and the rest. Good stuff, but we still want click-to-map addresses like our American cousins

The WP7 update will offer users both loading speed and performance boosts to their range of apps and games.

Their app and music shop, Marketplaces, will also get re-jigged, so that you can then search exclusively for apps, to avoid confused search results with songs and albums mixed in.

That’s about it. No news on whether the update will fix the heavily-publicised Yahoo Mail ‘phantom data’ glitch, which caused Windows Mobile 7 phones to suck up their users’ data plans even when connected to WiFi.

If you’re expecting an update to your WinPho7, it’s best to check that your phone is setup to grab it. Find the Phone update page, which is under settings then make sure you’ve ticked the box that says “Notify me when new updates are found.”



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