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Windows Phone Mango update: 15th September launch?

Microsoft’s big smartphone update, known as either Windows Phone 7.5 or Mango – we prefer the latter – has got itself another rumoured release date, the 15th September 2011, and it’s gaining traction.

The guys from the Windows Phone Dev podcast have now added their weight to the mid-month release date.

These guys have reliably leaked the release dates of previous Mango development betas in the past; but what this release or launch would mean releases a mystery -we doubt it’ll mean it’s out in shops.

And given Windows Phone’s past form, including the NoDo debacle, we’d be very surprised if it’s up for download on older handsets anytime soon – expect any release date to differ massively depending on your phone model and network.

The first Windows Phone Mango device has already launched – albeit only in Japan, where Fujitsu’s water-resistant, neon-coloured IS12T has gone on sale. HTC has also unveiled two new phones that will arrive with Windows Phone mango; the HTC Titan and Radar.

Via: WinRumors