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Yo-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble Guide: How to master Wibble Wobble (iOS/Android)

Our Yo-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble guide offers tips, tricks and secrets to help you master this addictive mobile game. Beginners can get started with our helpful explainers, while Wibble Wobble pros can find all of the secret hidden levels to completely unlock the game.

What is the Yo-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble game?

Wibble Wobble is the first Yo-Kai Watch mobile game, and it’s just been released here in the UK and Europe. Like previous Yo-Kai Watch games on consoles such as the Nintendo 3DS, you’re tasked with fighting malevolent Yo-Kai in the sleepy fictional town of Springdale. To do so you’ll need to recruit some other Yo-Kai to your cause, often by defeating them in battle.

Wibble Wobble has been out for a while in Japan, the US and Australia, where it’s already attracted more than 10 million players. This of course is set to increase with the localised European release.

Yo-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble gameplay

While the overall plot of Yo-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble is neatly sewn into the series universe, the gameplay itself has been streamlined and simplified to fit the smaller screen. You can expect a more casual experience which nevertheless is still pleasingly addictive. Wibble Wobble is most definitely easy to learn yet hard to master, so you’ll keep coming back for more for quite some time.

Previous Yo-Kai Watch games had you exploring Springdale in search of fresh Yo-Kai, but Wibble Wobble has you jumping straight into battle to banish or befriend new beasties.

Your main weapon in the game is your team of Wib Wobs, who are basically cute little creatures. You must join these Wib Wobs together with a quick swipe of your finger, to form larger creatures. When they’re big enough, tap a Wib Wob to deal serious damage to enemy Yo-Kai. The bigger your Wib Wob, the more damage that is dealt. But you can’t take your time forming huge Wib Wobs as your enemy is constantly attacking too.

What is Wibble Wobble’s Fever Gauge?

To help out you have a Fever Gauge, which is filled every time you merge some Wib Wobs. Build this until it’s full and you’ll kick off Fever Mode, which makes you invincible for a limited time. You earn more Fever Time by linking longer strings of Yo-Kai, so try and resist popping them too early.

Fever Mode is a great way to spend some time linking up your remaining Wib Wobs into massive weapons, ready to unleash on your foe. Any Wib Wobs popped during Fever Mode will also deal bonus damage, so try building some big ones and then popping them before the mode is used up. And if you can, save your Soultimate moves (see below) and unleash them during Fever Mode.

What is Wibble Wobble’s Soul Meter?

Every Wib Wob also has a Soul Meter, and when this is filled you can activate that Wib Wob’s Soultimate Move. This often deals extra damage to the enemy Yo-Kai, or can even restore some much-needed HP if you’ve taken a beating. To fill a Wib Wob’s soul meter, create big versions of them in the grid and then pop them.

What are those star balls that occasionally pop up?

You’ll occasionally spot these bonus balls popping up in the heat of battle, amongst your Wib Wobs. This happens when you link and pop several Wib Wobs. Tap these balls when they appear and surrounding Wib Wobs will grow bigger.

How do I choose the best possible Wib Wob team?

To change your Wib Wob line-up, tap the Menu button on the main Wibble Wobble screen. From here, head to Yo-Kai Wib Wob. Any little monsters that are already in your team will be marked as ‘Carried’. You can simply drag another Wib Wob onto the row at the top to bring them into your team.

You can find out more about any of the Wib Wobs by tapping on them and then hitting ‘examine’. This will show their hit points, attack level and their special Soultimate move.

One of the biggest factors when choosing your team is the individuals’ ranking. You want this to be as high as possible. D outranks E, C outranks D and so on, so use this as a guideline.

Also pay attention to each Wib Wob’s chosen Tribe. If you have a bunch of Wib Wobs from the same Tribe in your line-up, they’ll perform more efficiently. Ideally you want all five members to be of the same tribe, and as high a rank as possible.

How do I collect more Yo-Kai in Wibble Wobble?

When a battle is over, you get the chance to befriend defeated enemy Yo-Kai. This chance increases the more they like you. To get Yo-Kai onto your side, try feeding them snacks before the battle. You can do this before a battle, by tapping the magnifying glass and checking what treats they like. If you spy a high-ranking Yo-Kai, definitely try and get them on your side.

If you befriend a Yo-Kai who you’ve already got in your gang, don’t think it’s a waste. This will increase the powers of your existing Yo-Kai, so they’re even better in battle.

Collect enough of these beasties and you’ll have the chance to summon a super-charged Legendary Yo-Kai, to smash your enemies in true style.

Are there special events in Yo-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble?

You bet your buns there are!

Wibble Wobble players can get stuck into various missions, including special daily events and monthly themed efforts, for Y-Money rewards. Y-Money can be traded for items, coins, and even in-game snacks, which can be used to tempt enemy Yo-Kai to skip battle altogether and become your friend immediately.

In these events, you’ll have the chance to challenge friends to try and jump over them in the Wibble Wobble leaderboards.

How do I unlock the Yo-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble secret levels?

Wibble Wobble also boasts a bunch of hidden secret levels, which can be a real pain in the posterior to unlock. Thankfully the Wibble Wobble forum provided the following help:

  • Hidden Stage 1: Clear Stage 9 with Jibanyan, who you should already have collected
  • Hidden Stage 2: Get a combo of 3 or more in Stage 32
  • Hidden Stage 3: Pop 100 Wib Wobs or less in Stage 51. Easy enough if you link lots of Wib Wobs before popping and unleash them in a mighty combo
  • Hidden Stage 4: Clear Stage 55 three times
  • Hidden Stage 5: Finish Stage 62 with a Soultimate move
  • Hidden Stage 6: Get a Wib Wob to size 15 or bigger in Stage 81
  • Hidden Stage 7: Create 6 or more bonus balls in Stage 90. To do so, you’ll need to build up some big Wib Wobs before popping them
  • Hidden Stage 8: Link 20 or more Wib Wobs in Stage 100
  • Hidden Stage 9: Score 12,000 points or more in Stage 111
  • Hidden Stage 10: Enter Fever Time 3 times or more in Stage 118. Easier with healing or stunning Yo-Kai
  • Hidden Stage 11: Finish Stage 123 within 90 seconds. This one is all about those Soultimate moves during Fever Time
  • Hidden Stage 12: Get a combo of 15 or more in Stage 130
  • Hidden Stage 13: Finish Stage 158 using Jibanyan’s Soultimate move Paws of Fury
  • Hidden Stage 14: Get a Wib Wob to size 25 or higher in Stage 169
  • Hidden Stage 15: Create 10 or more bonus balls in Stage 174. Difficult!
  • Hidden Stage 16: Score 150,000 points or more in Stage 182
  • Hidden Stage 17: Get a combo of 20 or more in Hidden Stage 16
  • Hidden Stage 18: Use a Soultimate move to defeat the McKracken Boss, within 350 seconds
  • Hidden Stage 19: Defeat Hidden Stage 18 ten times
  • Hidden Stage 20: Score 250,000 or more in Stage 188
  • Hidden Stage 21: End Stage 197 with Walkkappa Soultimate

Bonus Wibble Wobble tips and tricks

Remember, combos are an important tool in your arsenal. Try growing three or four massive Wib Wobs and then popping them in quick succession. Any Wib Wobs popped within three seconds of your last attack will deal bonus damage. These combos are particularly devastating during Fever Mode.

Don’t forget to log in every day for bonus rewards. Even if you don’t play, simply open and close the app and you’ll get another Login Stamp.

Check back soon for more Yo-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble tips and tricks!


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