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You’ll never need an invite to buy the OnePlus 2 again

Last week Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus announced that it’s completely dropping the invite system for its latest flagship phone, the OnePlus 2.

With the holiday season upon us and OnePlus’s second anniversary set for December 17th, the company has announced a number of deals following its Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Its third ever smartphone and its first mid-ranger – the OnePlus X has been available for purchase invite-free since December 5th, but that deal ends today, so if you’re looking for the most convenient way to get your hands on the company’s latest blower, now would be a good time to lay down some cash.

OnePlus has been using an invite system since it debuted the OnePlus One last year, attracting attention from consumers by making the phone difficult to acquire and thus sought after. Over the past couple of years, the company has revised the system to make its smartphones easier to obtain, but it’s still been a case of picking up an invite from one of the company’s many social channels or events and then you’re still required to actually purchase the phone once you’ve got that all-important golden ticket.

OnePlus 2 and invite

The OnePlus 2, which launched back in July, has been available on an invite system ever since, but in a bid to extend the goodwill of the holiday season, OnePlus has now announced that it’s removing the system altogether, making the phone available for purchase direct from the OnePlus store whenever you like.

In addition, although the OnePlus X invite system remains in play for the time being, the company has also announced that once a week, it too will be available to purchase invite-free.

Carl Pei, co-founder of OnePlus admitted back in September that the initial launch of the OnePlus 2 could have gone smoother, with hold-ups relating to cash flow, inventory, supply chain and production. This move to drop the company’s signature invite system could simply be a way of making up for lost time and missed sales. But with 2016 looming, we’re now wondering if a successor is on the cards sooner than anticipated.

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