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Weekly Roundup: Top Gear trailer trouble, Fallout wins a BAFTA and a helicopter backpack?

Our weekly roundup of the top news stories in the world of tech for the week beginning April 4th, 2016.

The first trailer for the new Top Gear meets with a mixed reception

With the relaunch of the BBC’s flagship car show drawing ever closer, the broadcaster kicked the week of with its first trailer for the new series. The 60 seconds of footage featured plenty of new hosts Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc, as well as a handful of appearances from some of the show’s other co-hosts partaking in various automotive antics, not to mention an appearance or two from The Stig.

We were disheartened by the absence of Recombu’s own Rory Reid, but more so by the reception the trailer has received since it first went live. With the flak the BBC has received for trying to reboot the show, we’re not all that surprised to find that the YouTube version of the trailer has garnered nearly 60,000 dislikes against just under 14,000 likes, however, the footage gets our engines revving. Check it out to make the call for yourself and find out more here.

Watch Recombu’s Chris Barraclough endure the #DarkSoulsWings Challenge

Whether you’re watching for the food, for the fire or simply because you’re that much of a fan of Bandai Namco’s Dark Souls game franchise, Monday’s Dark Souls Wings Challenge was a sight to behold.

Recombu’s Chris Barraclough, tripped it along to the MEATliquor restaurant in Angel, where he faced off against 20 hot wings, specially prepared for the challenge, designed as a suitably sadistic way of promoting the latest title in the Dark Souls series, Dark Souls 3.

As you can see from the above video, Barraclough was joined by Stuff’s Tom Morgan, who also attempted the challenge and indeed finished just seconds ahead our man, even taking the time to request Tabasco sauce to accompany the already blisteringly spicy wings, for reasons we still don’t understand.

Check out Bandai Namco’s official coverage of the event and pick up Dark Souls 3 when it hits stores, April 12th.

Fallout 4 takes home Best Game at BAFTA’s British Academy Games Awards

Thursday saw Tobacco Dock in East London play host to the British Academy Games Awards, where BAFTA celebrated the very best of the last year in video games.

Fallout 4

Bethesda’s Fallout 4 took home Best Game at the awards – a first-time win for the franchise, which has been up for nomination some six times in all. Meanwhile, Rocket League, Everybody’s Gone to Rapture and Her Story all took home three awards each, whilst Ori and the Blind Forest won the Artistic Achievement award and Bloodborne the award for Game Design. Find out more here.

Inventor, Colin Furze and Ford are making a helicopter backpack (or maybe a hover bike)

You might have come across plumber turned stuntman, filmmaker, inventor, Colin Furze and one of his whacky inventions in the past; whether it was his jet bicycle or more recently, his firework rocket launcher, but Furze’s latest challenge comes courtesy of Ford and the automotive giant’s Unlearn Mobility campaign.

After reaching out to his 2 million viewer-strong subscriber base, Furze is taking it upon himself to design a new way for Britons to get around, based on their suggestions. From almost 13,000 comments, the top ideas included an exosuit, a flying car and a helicopter backpack.

As you can see in the video above, Furze has already started building his next creation, which is supposedly a hybrid of many of the top suggestions from the Unlearn campaign. The project is expected to fruition over the next three or four videos, but in the meantime, you can stay abreast of his progress on his YouTube channel here and find out more about Ford Unlearn, right here.

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