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Ken Box 2 mocks the Gymkhana series in style

Although we would love to own a fire-breathing, all-wheel drive V8 Mustang seen in the latest Gymkhana 7 YouTube video, Ken Box 2 shows you can have just as much fun with a cardboard box.

Ken Box 2 does what its predecessor did so well: parody Ken Block’s drifting shenanigans using a £350 Razor Crazy Cart, Go-Pro cameras, an empty shipping yard and a man in a gorilla suit. Gymkhana 6 is the specific inspiration for this particular outing.

Although the stakes are less high than a rally car tearing up Los Angeles, the Crazy Cart’s drifting shenanigans are still highly entertaining.

It helps, of course, the soundtrack includes authentic rally engine noises, burning rubber and tyre screeching. Stupidity aside, all the right petrolhead ingredients are there.

Ken Box 2, which was shot and directed by Todd Grossman for Razor’s Crazy Cart TV YouTube channel, is already up to 200,000 hits at the time of writing. You should add to that number by watching it and the first video below. 

Ken Box’s Crazy Cart Gymkhana Two

Ken Box: Crazy Cart Gymkhana


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