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‘Momkhana’ video shows mum drifting around suburbs in 550hp minivan

Forget Ken Block and his Gymkhana series of crazy drift videos, one mum is showing the world she can raise a family and drift with the best of them in ‘Momkhana’.

Okay, so the mum is famous stunt woman Shauna Duggins and the minivan is fitted with a GM LS3 V8 engine that outputs a tyre-shredding 550hp, but details shmetails – the driving skill puts most girls and boys to shame.

The video was made as an advert for Famous Footwear by ShareAbility, hence why the final destination is one of its retail stores in the US. Oddly, there is very little emphasis on shoes but who cares when you can enjoy that roaring V8 tearing up ‘American Dream’ suburbia?

Before you complain about the kids being in mortal danger, they were replaced with mannequins for the more dangerous stunts. The behind the scenes video, in fact, reveals the car was on a trolley and pushed in circles with a smoke machine emulating the effect of burning rubber for one particular scene.

Not everything went swimmingly in the making of the advert. The minivan, which was built in two and a half weeks, ploughed into the kerb outside the Famous Footwear store during filming, resulting in a heavily damaged alloy wheel.

Duggins, who was the stunt double for Jeri Ryan in Star Trek: Voyager and nominated for an Emmy for her stunt coordination work in the TV series Alias, was chosen for the role partly because she is a mum – although the kids in the back aren’t actually hers.

Other parodies of the Gymkhana series include Ken Box and Ken Block Micro Gymkhana. Gymkhana 7 features the drift king hooning around Los Angeles in a monstrous all-wheel drive Mustang.

Mums and dads inspired by the video should probably refrain from wheelspinning past the school gates and J-turning into nursery as you will get into trouble.

Momkhana video


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