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Niki Lauda: MotoGP is ‘more interesting’ than Formula One

Formula One has taken a bit of a battering from fans and critics who view it as too safe and predictable. Adding fuel to the fire is Niki Lauda, who gave his two pence.

Speaking to El Mundo Deportivo at Sunday’s MotoGP Brno race in the Czech Republic, the Formula One legend and rival to the late James Hunt admitted he found MotoGP ‘more interesting’.

“It is very interesting to watch because you can see how the rider struggles with his bike. In F1, unfortunately, the opposite happens,” the Mercedes F1 Team chairman said.

“The cars are very easy to drive, they don’t even slide,” he added.

As of late it seems the bigger news stories have been about rules, regulations and drama like Red Bull threatening to quit the sport as opposed to the race results and drivers, but there is hope on the horizon in the form of regulation changes.

Revisions include much faster cars, wider wheels, crazier car designs, new wing designs and increased downforce, all of which will contribute to a more exciting race that puts the onus back on driver skill, as it should be.

Lauda himself is living proof of how much more dangerous Formula One used to be, having endured a near-fatal crashed during the 1976 German Grand Prix at the Nurburgring that lead to serious burns and losing half an ear. His rivalry with Hunt was portrayed in the movie Rush.

Even with the changes, which are yet to be officially ratified, Formula One will have to work very hard to beat the excitement bike racing delivers every weekend. Position changes are more common, as are the crashes. Rivalries, meanwhile, are more intense.

That’s before you even consider the Isle of Man TT, which is easily the most dangerous motorsport on the planet and one that translates brilliantly to television (and YouTube videos) – mainly because average speeds of 130mph-plus are common.

Has Formula One still got its teeth into you or are you hoping for a shake-up? Let us know.


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