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Top Gear: Rory Reid and Chris Harris finally appear in extended trailer

There are six new presenters on the new Top Gear if you exclude The Stig, but only now is there a trailer that reveals what we will see from Rory Reid and Chris Harris.

The BBC has released an extended trailer, which shows Chris Harris in a Ferrari F12tdf going very sideways and Rory Reid behind the wheel of the new Ford Mustang up in Scotland while trying to avoid driving into sheep.

Before now, the trailers only featured lead host Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc, with a touch of Nurburgring master Sabine Schmitz, which seemed like a strange move for a show trying to step outside of the Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May mould.

As for the rest of the trailer, we see Evans and LeBlanc cruising around in Robin Rialtos decorated in the UK and American flags, a McLaren 675LT blasting down a runway and losing control with Jenson Button at the wheel and a Corvette with a gun on top.

Schmitz also makes Evans very sick in the new Audi R8 V10 Plus and there’s a touch of Hoonigan star Ken Block in a 4×4 Mustang. And Top Gear races a jet. Again.

It seems the Internet is still mourning the loss of Clarkson, Hammond and May though, because even the extended trailer, which looks better, still has more dislikes than likes on YouTube and the top comments all mention how the show will fail.

“Real Top Gear is when the real trio goes in an adventure somewhere with crappy cars for fun around the world,” one commenter said. Another added: “Sit back, enjoy, and watch it fail.”

We can’t help but wonder how many of the haters will actually front up for an Amazon Prime account to watch Clarkson’s new (and still unnamed) motoring show instead.

As for those who want to see more of Rory, he’s got his own show called Extra Gear that will start after Top Gear and features some behind the scenes footage, interviews and car videos. Think of it as the car equivalent of Britain’s Got More Talent. With less singing, hopefully.

Rory Reid landed his gig on Top Gear after taking part in the public auditions. He is also the editor-in-chief of Recombu. Chris Harris is an experienced motoring journalist who created an extremely popular supercar-based YouTube channel.

Update: Top Gear has an official air date of the 29th of May, 2016.

Video: Extended Top Gear trailer


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