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1966 World Cup Final showing ‘live’ on BBC Sport today

Today the BBC will stream the 1966 World Cup final – England vs West Germany – online as part of the run up to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. 

The classic match will be streamed as if it was a live game and will feature running commentary from guests including Gary Lineker. 

‘Kick off’ is at 12:00 and you can watch the game online exclusively at

1966 World Cup Final showing ‘live’ on BBC Sport today
We’re not sure what odds the bookies will be giving out for this one

BBC Sport is also running a ‘gossip column’ over on its site, posting snippets from newspaper articles from 1966, including one from West German paper Sueddeutsche Zeitung which states: “We shall win but we shall have to watch the solid English defence and an attack, which in spite of being old fashioned, is effective.” 

The broadcast is the first match to be shown as part of the BBC’s World Cup Rewind season which precedes the corporation’s 24/7 coverage of the action from Brazil

At 6pm today, a new interactive section on World Cup penalty shootouts hosted by Gary Lineker will go live at and via

Gary Lineker says: “Penalty shootouts: just the thought is enough to give any England fan a nightmare. England have the worst record in penalty shootouts at World Cups, losing on penalties three time and only scoring from seven of the 14 shoot-out penalties they’ve taken.
“Italy’s Roberto Baggio said his penalty miss in the 1994 final affected him for years Often cruel, always captivating, shoot-outs were introduced to the World Cup in 1978, but the first one actually took place when West Germany defeated France 5-4 in 1982. Since then, shoot-outs have decided two finals and become a source of huge debate. “

Featuring infographics, text and video, the BBC iWonder guide will let football fans drill down on all 204 penalty shootouts since they were introduced in the 1978 World Cup in Argentina. 

Other classic World Cup moments to be streamed during the run up to the 2014 World Cup include the 1978 Scotland vs The Netherlands group match, England vs Argentina in the 1986 quarter-final – the infamous ‘Hand of God’ match – the England vs West Germany 1990 semi-final and Spain vs Northern Ireland in the 1982 group match. 

We’ve got the full schedule for the 2014 World Cup right here, telling you where you can watch each and every game and when. 


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