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BBC preps Red Button+ rebrand: More sport, more news, less Clarkson

Connected Red Button is to be given the snappier name ‘Red Button+’ next month. 

The new name comes ahead of further rollout of the interactive service, which debuted on Virgin Media TiVo boxes in late 2012. 

Red Button+ lets viewers quickly jump to a range of services including live coverage of sports and music events, local news and weather feeds and load up BBC iPlayer from one menu. 

Icons load up and scroll across the bottom of the screen, letting you read headlines and search for content without having to leave the TV channel you’re watching. 

After Connected Red Button landed on on Virgin Media TiVo boxes, the BBC slowly rolled out to Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic, Sharp and Toshiba smart TVs before bringing it to YouView, BT TV and EE TV boxes last year, with TalkTalk TV viewers finally getting the service in January

Sky customers currently can’t access Red Button+ and at the time of writing, the BBC has announced no plans to change that. 

BBC preps Red Button+ rebrand: More sport, more news, less Clarkson
In a victory for the traditionalists, the Beeb will let you Red Button, old school-style

While the BBC hasn’t been specific about its plans for content on Red Button+ this year, we can at least expect continued coverage of Wimbledon and Glastonbury

This gives viewers the power to switch between multiple live feeds, jumping from centre court and Pyramid main stage action to games and sets happening elsewhere at the events. Other than that, more sport and news content has been promised, presumably to help fill a Clarkson-shaped hole that’s now been left in the Corporation. 

Viewers who don’t want to avail themselves of the new-look Red Button will be able to switch back to the traditional classic look in the settings. If only Google would give those who can’t stand the new Docs layout the same option. 

A full list of Red Button+ compatible devices can be found here


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