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Netflix adds next episode ‘post play’ feature for Android and queues it up for Chromecast

Netflix has brought the popular ‘post play’ feature, which queues up the next episode, to Android devices. 

When you’ve finished streaming an episode of Orange Is The New Black on your phone or tablet, Netflix will rack up the next episode for you, giving you the chance to pause or stop watching if you want to watch or (heaven forbid) do something else. 

If you need a screen break simply tap the screen on your device and Netflix will cancel the countdown. 

Netflix adds next episode ‘post play’ feature for Android and queues it up for Chromecast
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If you’re watching a movie on a tablet, you’ll now also be served up links to three related films as well. It’s not clear why Netflix hasn’t added this feature on phones and when, or even if it will add this. 

The new feature was added just as the eagerly anticipated second series of prison drama Orange Is The New Black lands on Netflix. The show, already confirmed for a third season, is based on the best-selling memoir of Piper Kerman and is one of the many original TV shows Netflix has home grown, alongside House of Cards (now available in 4K) and new episodes of Arrested Development and the US version of The Killing

Netflix first introduced post play on its desktop apps back in August 2012 and has since added the uninterrupted streaming feature to its iOS app in May 2013. 

Post play is available on all Android devices running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and above as well as Amazon Kindle Fire tablets. 

As well as bringing post play to Android, Netflix has also revealed that its working on bringing this feature to Chromecast, so you won’t have to keep casting each episode every time it loads up on your phone.

While no solid launch date has been given, Netflix says that it’ll be ready in a few months time. 


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