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Netflix wants to pay you to watch TV. Is this the Best Job Ever?

Netflix wants to pay you to watch TV. No, really. The streaming company is on the lookout for someone in the UK or Ireland to become their latest Tagger. 

Taggers are the human spirits behind the personal recommendations engine that powers Netflix. They’re analysts who help second-guess what people will want to reach for next after they’ve binged on the latest episodes of Archer, American Horror Story or Arrested Development

So far, 40 people make up the Netflix elite Tagger corps and now the company wants to add its first British or Irish recruit to the ranks. 

Wouldn't it be great if your office desktop looked more like this instead?
Wouldn’t it be great if your office desktop looked more like this instead?

The reason for this, according to Netflix spokespeople, is that someone with a good grasp of slang and terms that perhaps don’t translate so well on the other side of the Atlantic is needed. Recommendations are going to be even more important for Netflix going forwards, so a Tagger with a finger on the pulse of British and Irish trends will help recommendations become even more targeted. 

The job will involve you working from home and you get to set your own hours. In terms of required skills, you need to be a real movie and TV nerd and to be capable of setting your own hours and following through on long-term projects. 

Experience with a CMS – a content management system or site back-end – is preferred as is a passing knowledge of Excel. You know how to use Excel right? 

Ideally, you’ll have a degree in film or media studies and have at least a year’s experience working online or for a new media company. Experience with analytics and spotting trends within stats is also preferred. 

Added perks, if getting paid to watch telly wasn’t enough, includes first looks at exclusive content like future seasons of Orange Is The New Black and House of Cards

Unfortunately, Netflix isn’t talking about how much you’d get paid and it’s not known if a basic homeworker broadband package is included. For more details on how to apply, check out the Netflix jobs page here and check out the video below. 


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