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Relish’s selfie tax video takes aim at hidden broadband charges

Wireless ISP Relish has been hitting Londoners and tourists with fictional ‘selfie charges’ in a bid to highlight the hidden costs of broadband packages. 

Taking a leaf from the Impractical Jokers playbook, Relish’s fake inspector targets unsuspecting victims with ‘park bench sitting fees’ ‘pavement maintenance charges’ other nonsense taxes.

A real-life selfie tax doesn’t sound like a bad idea if you ask us but the point of the video is to highlight a couple of key benefits about Relish’s plug and play 4G-based service.  

As it’s a wireless provider, Relish doesn’t need to charge customers for line rental like the great majority of ISPs do. This means customers are insulated from the kind of seasonal line rental rises we’ve seen BTSky and TalkTalk apply this year and in the past

Related: 4G ISP Relish blasts BT and TalkTalk as line rental increasesBest broadband only and no landline dealsRelish’s services are also unlimited, meaning there’s no possibility of customers being stung by any out of bundle charges. BT, for example, charges an extra £1.50 for every extra GB you use on its limited, capped plans. 

Will Harnden, Chief Marketing Officer at Relish, said: “Our video, although intentionally light-hearted, demonstrated that people do feel aggrieved and confused if they are hit with unexpected charges and price hikes. 

“As Brits face more cost increases in the coming months, we hope the message in the video encourages customers to check the terms of their broadband contract before they sign it!

Relish currently charges £20/month on both its rolling and 12 month contracts. While Harnden might point out that cost rises are incoming in the next few months, a possible reference to Virgin Media’s February price rises, Relish will inevitably have to up its rates at some point in the future as and when rates of inflation up. 

Relish is currently only available in parts of central London – you can check to see if you’re covered here. In the meantime, you can watch Relish’s video below. 


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