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Cadbury has created a personalised virtual Easter egg hunt on Google Maps

If you’re cautious to venture outside for an Easter egg hunt this year, Cadbury has found the perfect solution with some help from Google Maps.

The wintry weather is improving and the flowers are blooming, which can only mean that Easter is approaching – although by the time it arrives we will still most likely be bound by lockdown laws. Confinement threatens to take the shine out of celebrations, much as with Christmas, but Cadbury has come up with a crafty workaround so that you can still give your friends or loved ones the Easter egg hunt of a lifetime from behind their laptop.

On Cadbury’s website, you can choose two ways to set up your personalised worldwide Easter egg hunt: either pay £15 to have a real chocolate egg sent to your friend once they’ve found the virtual one, or just place the virtual egg for free – and for fun!

Once you’ve selected your preference, you can place your egg wherever you want in the world, and challenge your friend to find it by sending them a cryptic clue. You can do this task sensibly by choosing a place that’s important to both of you, or a significant world landmark – or even romantically by choosing the location of your first date or honeymoon – but we’re more tempted by the sillier solutions. It would certainly be a memorable Easter if you hid an egg for your granny under Tickle Cock Bridge (West Yorkshire) or in the picturesque hamlet of Shittlehope (County Durham).

This isn’t the first quirky Easter publicity campaign that’s emerged this year, but it’s definitely one of the best. A few weeks ago, Goose Island released a Creme Egg flavoured stout (which sold out within seconds – believe us, we truly tried to cop a couple), while KitKat is launching a rabbit reality show to find the best Easter bunny. 


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