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It’s time to play the music! All five seasons of The Muppet Show are headed to Disney Plus

The Muppet Show is on its way to Disney Plus soon, so make sure you’re ready to watch Kermit and co from the very start.

The Muppet Show will arrive on Disney Plus on February 19, allowing you to relive all the very best moments from the long-running TV show that made Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy household names, alongside funny celebrity cameos.

While no doubt you watched The Muppet Christmas Carol again during the recent holiday festivities (as tradition dictates), you might not be familiar with the 70s TV show that brought the Muppets to life. After breaking free from Sesame Street, the Muppets won a contract with British TV channel ITV and their eponymous sketch show and this is the result.

Taking place in the Muppet Theatre, the various recurring sketches include Gonzo’s Stunts, Bear on Patrol, The Swedish Chef, Muppet Melodrama, and Musical Chickens.

To enliven proceedings and lend some star power, episodes frequently included a celebrity guest spot, including comedians like Steve Martin and John Cleese, actors such as Roger Moore and Mark Hamill, and musicians like Elton John and Diana Ross. The nostalgia will be too hard to resist!

Disney Plus is not, however, a mere warehouse for old TV series. The channel features the latest films from its parent studio, and has commissioned the productions of reams of new content particularly focused around Marvel and Star Wars:

So if you desperately want to get your fix of characters with funny voices wearing ridiculous costumes then you can sign up to Disney Plus and watch Star Wars immediately, and then stream The Muppets Show from February 19 by following this link. The monthly subscription cost is £5.99, or else you can buy a year’s membership for £59.99.





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