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Kindle Paperwhite Review

Kindle has been the name in e-readers since the tech became a thing many moons ago, with the Paperwhite, they seem to just keep on getting better. Kindle Paperwhite brings together some of the best features for e-readers and a durable, water-resistant body.

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What we love – An ideal screen, support for Audible and waterproofing to ease your mind

Kindle Paperwhite is an easy recommendation for anyone – from those looking for an e-reader upgrade to e-book newcomers. The e-reader may not offer the functionality of an iPad Pro 2020 or Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus but it does what it sets out to better than almost any other tablet.

An exciting new feature has removed one barrier for potential Paperwhite buyers and that’s the redesigned display. The new panel has been placed right up against the screen, removing what was previously a noticeable gap between the physical screen and the rest of your e-reader. The display itself is 300ppi, offering plenty of detail for reading text, and the E Ink display is a joy to read on a day-to-day basis – providing far less stress to your eyes than your more traditional LCD.

The change of how the display sits in the Kindle Paperwhite also affords another handy feature – water resistance. Without the gap for pesky debris, the new Kindle can offer an IPX8 waterproof rating, meaning the device can be submerged in up to 2 metres of water for an hour without sustaining damage. This update makes the Kindle Paperwhite an ideal bath book.

You’ll likely have a Kindle because you love reading books but, now, the Paperwhite offers an additional way to consume your favourite novels. Paperwhite now has support for Audible, letting you listen to your favourite books via bluetooth speaker or wireless headphones.

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Kindle Paperwhite Review

What we don’t like – A lack of physical buttons prevents perfection

There’s just one feature that prevents the Kindle Paperwhite from reaching the heights of e-reader perfection and it’s related to a problem fans of the ol’ paper books have had with these devices from the beginning.

This problem is the physical feeling of turning a page and, while no Kindle offers an exact replication of the experience of physical turning a paper page, some Kindles do offer physical buttons to press. Granted that this substitution is far from a replacement but it provides you with a more active part in turning the page of your book.

This brings us to the Paperwhite, a device which is completely touchscreen and, therefore, offers no physical buttons. The experience of turning pages by touching a screen is quite inferior to pressing a physical button, let alone turning a paper page. If the next Kindle Paperwhite even adds some little buttons for turning the pages then we’ll be over the moon.


A fan of books who wants to move into the digital world? Kindle Paperwhite is a great choice for you. Got an older Kindle and looking for your next upgrade? Kindle Paperwhite brings your fave features and more. Ultimately, Kindle Paperwhite is the total package and e-reading fans won’t be disappointed.

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