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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus Review

Android tablets have had a rough time of it for many years, constantly being usurped by the like of iPad Pro 2020. However, Samsung has attempted to keep pace and has comfortably offered the best Android tablets you can buy. The stunning Galaxy Tab S7 Plus is no different and may close the gap even further.

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What we love – An unbeatable display, better-than-ever S Pen and speedy performance

iPad Pro 2020 has received mountains of praise for its crisp and super-smooth ProMotion display. Yet, with Galaxy Tab S7 Plus, Samsung has swooped in and beat it. The 120Hz refresh rate, OLED panel and 2800 x 1752 resolution combine for the best display you can get on a mobile device – offering high brightness, in-depth detail and smooth performance.

The S Pen is perhaps most associated with the Galaxy Note series of phones but it truly shines with the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus. Latency has been shaved down to just 9ms and it can be snapped to the back of the tablet for easy portability. Unlike the Apple Pencil, the S Pen comes included in the box and allows you to scribble away with ease, truly giving you a feeling of writing directly onto the device.

Along with being a gorgeous machine for media consumption, the overall performance is impressive too. Users across the globe get the speedy Snapdragon 865+ processor, rather than the pesky Exynos variant that UK buyers are usually saddled with. The combo of this chip and either 6/8GB RAM makes for a snappy experience during almost anything you can think of throwing at an Android device.

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Galaxy Tab S7 Plus Review

What we don’t like – Android for tablets still doesn’t nail it

A big issue with Samsung tablets remains its use of Android. Samsung tries to tackle it with some of its own tweaks on top but only so much can be done and many apps remain unoptimised for a tablet experience. While offerings like Surface Go 2 solve this issue with the Windows 10 S mode experience, even if its tablet mode has its own issues.

Samsung’s DeX UI is there to make the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus homescreen look a bit more desktop-like, rather than the cluttered nature of most Android tablet setups. However, the multi-window experience remains mixed and you just won’t feel as productivity as on an iPad or desktop machine.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus is likely the best Android tablet ever, with blistering performance offered by the Snapdragon 865+ and an unrivalled display. If you are used to the Android experience then you’ll have a great time with this, and the S Pen is a nice bonus. However, it remains slightly hamstrung by the less-than-ideal Android tablet experience.

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