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Netflix announces seven new original shows for the UK

Streaming giant Netflix has announced a slate of new shows for the UK – and that includes the return of a much-loved British comedy actor to our screens.

A total of seven new original series will be produced in the UK by Netflix, adding to the company’s considerable catalogue. The new slate of shows the return of Rowan Atkinson to our screens as an original character in another slapstick comedy caper that will surely pack in a few laughs. Here’s the full rundown:

Man vs Bee is the Rowan Atkinson vehicle that will see physical comedy aplenty when the Mr Bean and Johnny English star has to look after a luxurious mansion on behalf of its wealthy owner – only to find a buzzing bee thwarting his every effort. 

Baby Reindeer is an adaptation of comedian Richard Gadd’s critically acclaimed one-man stage show that concerns his experience as the victim of a stalker. Gadd is already a Netflix veteran, having worked as a writer for Sex Education, so this seems all set for success.

Cuckoo Song, a horror series based upon the novel by Frances Hardinge, will tell the tale of two supernatural sisters who must face the consequences of a pact gone wrong.

The Red Zone is written by Jonathan Liew and Barney Ronay, both football columnists for The Guardian, and so unsurprisingly this is a soccer series. Although a comedy, it will deal with the crucial questions of trust in an unscrupulous sport, and there’s bound to be some cracking lines in it given this duo’s flowery football prose.

Half Bad is a new series written by Joe Barton, the brains behind Giri/Haji, which tells the story of the sixteen-year-old son of a fearsome witch, who must discover his own path in life.

The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle is a country estate murder mystery but before you think you’ve seen it all before, think again; the twist is that there are time loops and body swaps more reminiscent of a sci-fi thriller in this adaptation of Stuart Turton’s novel.

Lockwood & Co comes from Attack the Block writer Joe Cornish, and will deal with a gang of teenage ghost-hunters in London who must unravel a momentous mystery.

On top of all that new material, the following series are already known to be in production: Top Boy (series 2), Sex Education (series 3), The Crown (series 5 & 6), After Life (series 3), Stay Close, Anatomy of a Scandal, The Last Bus.

It’s hardly a surprise that competitors have had to up the ante after Disney’s announcement of a roster of movies and TV shows from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and a whole new galaxy of Star Wars spin-offs, much to the delight of fans.

So what do you make of Netflix’s newly announced series? Tell us which one you reckon will be your next potential binge-watch in our poll:



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