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Serenity now! You can soon buy the Seinfeld apartment in LEGO form

Get ready to pull up the couch and serve some soup – the iconic apartment from Seinfeld will soon be available as a must-have LEGO set for fans of the show.

After the monumental success of the Friends LEGO sets, which currently include detailed models of Central Perk as well as the show’s two main apartments, it only feels natural that Jerry Seinfeld’s eponymous sitcom would eventually get the same treatment.

As part of the set, you’ll get LEGO figurines of Seinfeld himself, George Constanza, Kramer, Elaine Benes and everyone’s favourite TV mailman, Newman.

The recreation itself is a sight to behold, with tons of detail crammed in as well as a few Easter eggs (can anyone else spot Larry David on the fridge?). Just as with the Friends sets, TV stage lighting can also be found around the edges of the construction, giving you a glimpse into what it must have been like to have a seat amongst the studio audience back in the day.

A glimpse into Seinfeld's apartment in LEGO form

There’s even a separate stand-up set that’s bundled in, so you can have a punt at directing your own comedic transitions between plot points (just get ready to hear your friends groan when you start questioning the quality of airline food).

The LEGO Ideas Seinfeld set will retail for £69.99, with a release date set for August 10. If you’re a lucky LEGO VIP member then you can get your hands on it even sooner – July 21 in fact.

The LEGO Ideas range has continued to impress the team at Recombu, with the most recent addition being an unbelievable recreation of a traditional typewriter. LEGO even branched out into the world of footwear recently, teaming up with Addidas for a shoe that looks great on show, but painful to wear.

With the Seinfeld set on the horizon however, it does beg the question of which other classic sitcoms could make the jump over to LEGO. Here’s a few ideas that we’ve come up with…



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