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This Pokémon card could be sold for $500,000

This extremely rare, mint-condition Pokémon card is set to go up for auction, but have you got the funds to add it to your collection?

The first-edition Charizard card is currently on auction and is set to sell for as much as $500,000, which would double the current record price for a Pokémon card.

Current bidding stands at $170,000 after 12 bids at the time of writing so you can still try to sneak in and gazump the card for less than the projected price if you’ve got a spare few hundred grand lying about.

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The card has gained such a high value because of its particular certification, according to the auctioneer:

Graded GOLD LABEL PRISTINE 10 by SGC. Black Diamond Label certified by MBA. This is the only example validated by SGC at the company’s most prestigious level. Here’s an extremely desirable, 1st Edition specimen of this key subject, in one-of-a-kind Pristine condition.

And yet somehow, all the accreditation in the world isn’t going to persuade me to part with half a million dollars for a colourful piece of card. No, not even for Charizard.

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The trading card game was first introduced in 1996, and has since sold over 30.4 billion cards. Of course, these are only one part of a multimedia empire that also includes video games, and an anime TV series.

But while the Pokémon craze has faded since its peak, the brand has remained well-loved, and those who grew up with the toys and games have evidently got serious money (some would even say, too much of it) to sink into their passion, and one of those lucky fans is going to have a very happy Christmas once they manage buy this much-envied lot at auction.



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