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Apple rejects Samsung settlement offer, legal eagles close in

Apple is putting more pressure on Samsung over the iPad vs Galaxy Tab fiasco. After attempting a compromise last week that would have seen the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1’s features cut back to avoid the wrath of Jobs, Apple have snubbed the deal, promising to keep going after Samsung’s so-called copycat tablet until it’s banned from sale everywhere.

Currently the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is banned from sale in Australia, while a court in Oz looks into claims that the tablet ‘borrowed’ a few ideas too many from Apple’s iPad. Samsung had offered to remove two features from its tablet (it’s unclear what these were to be) in order to get the Galaxy Tab 10.1 back on sale ahead of the Christmas shopping season.

However, Apple has batted away the offer, with Apple lawyer Steven Burley saying the compromise “is one we don’t accept and there is no surprise. The main reason we are here is to prevent the launch [of the Galaxy Tab 10.1] and maintain the status quo.” By which he means keeping Apple’s iPad 2 on top of the Australian tablet market.

Apple and Samsung have been scrapping over the Galaxy Tab 10.1 for over a month now, with Apple scoring a temporary injunction against its sale in Germany for a whole week back in September. The injunction has since been lifted, and Samsung hit back with the bizarre announcement that it would be seeking a ban on sales of the iPhone 5 – before it had even been announced.


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