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Campaigners demand Samsung brings the Galaxy Note 5 to Europe

Online retailer Clove has launched an online campaign that aims both barrels at Samsung and demands a UK release for the Galaxy Note 5.

Yesterday’s Samsung Unpacked launch was disappointing in a few different ways, but the most confusing part was Samsung’s reluctance to release the Galaxy Note 5 in the UK, instead giving us a supersized version of the Galaxy S6 Edge called the S6 Edge+. The 5.7-inch S6 Edge+ is essentially a Note 5 with a curved screen and no S Pen stylus, which looks fine and all but is also less relevant for creative and business users.

This shock decision hasn’t been taken lightly here in Blighty, with online retailer Clove actually setting up a petition to get Samsung to release the Note 5 here in the UK.

Using the hashtag #Note5ForEurope, Clove’s petition has been signed by hundreds of frustrated consumers in its first few hours and will be presented to the Korean giant in a bid to change its mind.

Call us sceptical, but we reckon Samsung’s little ploy is little more than a publicity stunt and a u-turn on the Note 5 Europe release will happen in the coming weeks. However, with a lack of expandable storage and few impressive updates over last year’s Note 4, we’ll happily stick with that handset for now.

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