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Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Perfect Match (Android/iPhone) game guide

Our tips and tricks guide for Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Perfect Match game on iOS and Android devices reveals how to master this match-3 mobile puzzle app.

Disney’s rather fantastic selection of free-to-play mobile games has just been boosted by Beauty and the Beast: Perfect Match. This match-3 puzzle title is very similar to the wonderful Disney Emoji Blitz, tasking you with linking together identical gems in order to remove them from a grid and boost your total points.

Gameplay is fast and fun and you can unlock a great selection of playable characters from the Beauty and the Beast universe. Not to mention decorate Belle’s castle with funky furniture, for bonuses and other rewards.

Here’s our tips and tricks guide for Perfect Match to help you get started and blaze through the 150 available launch levels.

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Perfect Match gameplay basics

To complete a level in Beauty and the Beast Perfect Match, simply satisfy the required objectives. These are highlighted at the beginning of a level and can be reviewed at any time by checking out the mirror on the left side of the screen.

Quite often, these objectives will simply demand you clear a set number of gems from the grid. You can clear gems by linking up three or more gems of the same colour. However, occasionally the objectives will switch up.

So for instance, you may have to shatter all of the glass on the grid by clearing the gems sat on top of them. Or you might have to collect books by clearing the gems beneath them, so they fall to the very bottom of the screen.

Beating each level adds more coins to your purse, which can be used to purchase furniture in Belle’s castle; more on this later.

You’re rewarded with bonus coins for building up your Moves & Combo score in a level. You can boost this by linking together your matches – so if you swap two gems and create two matches, that counts as a combo move.

Special gems and combos

Matching together three gems will simply cause them to disappear from the grid. However, link four gems and a Line Burst power up will be left behind. If you match a line burst gem with at least two others of the same colour, all of the other gems in that row or column will instantly disappear.

If you manage to link together five gems in a row, a Rainbow Twirl gem will pop onto the grid. This is a seriously strong power-up and well worth trying for, as it removes all gems of the same colour when matched up. That can really change the look of the board and result in some easy combos.

Likewise, match together five gems in a T or L pattern and you’ll be rewarded with a Radiant Blast gem. When you match this to at least two gems of the same colour, you’ll create a ‘blast’ that takes out surrounding gems in a 3×3 pattern.

If you want to set off a serious combo, try collecting a few of these special gems together on the grid. Once one goes off, chances are good that others will follow – and the entire grid will be blasted to bits. If you have two special gems sat side-by-side, try swapping them for spectacular effects too.

Moves and lives in Perfect Match

Remember that in each Perfect Match level you have a set number of ‘moves’ to complete your objectives. To see how many moves you have remaining, and any objectives that are yet to be fulfilled, simply glance at the mirror at the left side of the screen.

Completing a level with moves remaining adds bonus coins to your end total, so there’s certainly reason for ending a level early, even if it reduces your combo score.

If you do run out of moves, you’ll lose a life – unless you pay blue gems to continue. Don’t worry though, because you have five lives to burn through. They replenish at a decent rate too. Just check the hearts counter on the main Perfect Match game screen and you’ll see how many lives remain and how long until you gain a new life.

Bear in mind that there’s no timer, so you can ponder your moves for as long as you like and ensure they really count.

Power ups

If you’re struggling with a particularly fiendish level, you can always turn to your power ups to lend a hand. For instance, after completing a few levels you’ll unlock a handy hammer. This can be used a limited number of times to smash one gem, which can open up game-changing combo moves.

You can restore these power ups once used in a number of ways, including through the daily treats mini-game (read on for more info).

Furniture and decorating your residence

Between levels in the Beauty and the Beast game, you’ll have the chance to purchase and position furniture in your home. Each piece can be bought with coins, earned from completing levels.

To buy some furniture, simply tap the chair icon in the bottom left corner of the main game screen. You can then select which room you wish to decorate and then choose an accessory to purchase. You’ll need enough coin to complete the transaction, of course. Then you can choose exactly where to position your furniture within that room. When you’re satisfied, just tap the tick to place it.

Want to move your furniture around later? Not a problem. Just long-press the item you wish to relocate and you can move it around again.

Every time you add some furniture, you gain beauty points. When you max out your beauty bar you’ll gain a new star, which is basically another way of levelling up. Each time you level up, you’ll also be rewarded with some goodies, including coins and power ups.

What can the game’s stars be used for? Well, you can unlock new characters to play with as well as new rooms in the castle that can also be decorated. To begin with, you’ll have just one room to decorate: the Grand Staircase. However this can be expanded by progressing through the game, to open up Belle’s Bedroom and the Dining Room. With future updates, you will have a fully-furnished castle!

Daily treats

If you play Beauty and the Beast Perfect Match each day, you’ll get a special reward – a choice between three teacups. Each teacup holds a bonus, such as more coins. Not a bad incentive to come back each day and play some more.


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