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Disney Dream Treats: Tips, tricks and hacks to beat every level

Our Disney Dream Treats tips and tricks guide will help you to beat every level of this addictive mobile game for iPhone and Android phones. Complete each level with a full three stars, collect a massive stash of gold coins and unlock all of the awesome Disney costumes.

If you’re a fan of Disney puzzle games then you’re in for a treat (see what we did there?). Disney Dream Treats is an addictive puzzle title for iPhone and Android phones, but it’s also testing once you complete the first few levels. Which is why we’ve assembled this handy tips and tricks guide for starters.

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What is Disney Dream Treats?

Disney Dream Treats is a cute and colourful puzzle game for mobile phones, available for Android via the Google Play store and iPhone or iPad via Apple’s App Store. It’s a connect-three-or-more style game in the vein of Candy Crush and Disney’s own Emoji Blitz, with different sweet treats to match up. When you trace a line through at least three identical treats that are sat next to each other, they disappear from the grid.

Thankfully the line doesn’t have to be straight. You can change direction and even swipe diagonally to match up as many treats as possible. The more you manage, the bigger your score.

You complete each level in Disney Dream Treats by fulfilling the given objective. This changes each time, so one level might have you battling to hit a high score, while others will see you moving marshmallows across the board to dip them in bowls of chocolate. There are lots of different level types, so variety is definitely strong.

Does Disney Dream Treats include In-App-Purchases (IAPs)?

Yes, it’s possible to spend real money on in-game coins in Disney Dream Treats. These gold coins can also be won by completing each set of five levels with a perfect score, and for completing other tasks such as signing in with your Facebook account.

The gold coins are used to unlock new costumes inside the game and can also be used to buy more ‘lives’ if you run out. However, these lives quickly replenish and the costumes are merely a cosmetic part of the game, so you can happily play through without spending a penny.

Disney Dream Treats tips, tricks, hacks and cheats

When you clear more than five treats at once, the final spot that your finger touches will become a Bonus Treat. This will ‘explode’ and wipe out the entire row or column when you clear it. If you clear seven or more treats in one go, the Bonus Treat will become even more powerful and explode in multiple directions. Make sure you end your swipe near the centre of the grid if possible, for maximum effect.

These Bonus Treats can cause quite the chain effect, so always strive to link together at least five treats with every move. Even if it’s not immediately beneficial to your end goal, the explosive combos can essentially clear the entire grid later in the game, giving you massive scores.

And if you end your chain on one of these Bonus Treats, you’ll get some major fireworks. Sit back and enjoy the show.

Another advantage to chaining together lots of treats at once is the score multiplier. The first treat gets you 100 points, the second gets you 200, the third gets you 300 and so on. Chain together ten treats and that’s a massive 5500 points!

Whenever possible, try and form a loop – in other words, end back on the treat you started with. This clears everything inside the loop and more, and can potentially wipe out a massive section of the grid, if the loop is big enough.

If you find yourself struggling with a particular level, then try some tactical use of your bonus powers. They can often mean the difference between hideous defeat and a last-gasp victory.

If you do lose your hearts, don’t waste precious coins on more. Just wait until the timer in the level select screen ends and then you’ll have more lives. Or, if you’re the impatient type, you can hack Disney Dream Treats by going into your phone’s settings menu and changing the date and time. Set it forward an hour or so and your lives will magically regenerate.

Got any Disney Dream Treats tips, tricks and cheats of your own? Let us know in the comments.


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