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Honeycomb-running Motorola Android tablet previewed by Google

As if revealing Gingerbread, the new Google Nexus S and Google eBookstore wasn’t enough for one week let alone day, Google also showed off its Motorola Android tablet prototype yesterday.

The unnamed Moto tablet looks an awful lot like another very successful tablet running iOS, but it seems that the Android version will pack a bit more in under the hood. For example, there’s a dual-core NVIDIA processor on board.

The slate, which has been the subject of much debate and many rumours, was shown running Honeycomb OS, a platform that Google has developed primarily for tablet devices. The OS itself seems to be a very consumer-friendly affair, offering a quick and easy app launcher and a swish multi-tasking system.

That’s about as much detail as Google offered at this stage, although we can tell you that the tablet is set to be released at some point next year.

[via Android Community]


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