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Samsung Galaxy Nexus appears on Three pre-order page and in a hands-on video

We’ve just spotted this register your interest page for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus popping up on Three’s Coming Soon page. Exciting is right; the Galaxy Nexus plus all those lovely One Plan All You Can Eat data tariffs Three are so fond of.

The hands-on video below is well worth a peek; Three’s irrepresible Brendan Arndt shows off the “truly amazing” display of the Galaxy Nexus by playing us an “HD video trialer on an HD resolution screen.”

Though we’re of course watching this on a YouTube video you really get a good idea of the screen’s quality (Protip: crank it up to 720p before playing).

Brendan from Three says that there are more hands-on videos to come from Three showing off the other capabilities of the Galaxy Nexus. Stoked? You bet we are.

Sadly, there’s no pricing or anything related to release dates just yet, but we know that it’s coming to Clove in November. We’d expect Three to be selling it round about the same time. As usual, more on this as and when we get it.