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Sony Xperia S ICS update problems confirmed

Whilst Sony’s 2011 handsets have progressively been granted the latest and greatest from Google – ith the unfortunate exception of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. The Xperia U, P and flagship S have remained on versions of Gingerbread.  ICS had eluded the Xperia S, whilst the rival flagships launch running the latest version of the OS. With a week to go before the suspected reveal of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, Sony made the announcement that the S was finally getting an upgrade, but users are reporting issues.

For some unknown reason or glitch, some of the devices Sony listed as having updates ready and waiting, have either stated an error or as we found, offered no further updates whatsoever. As quoted by XperiaBlog, Sony are aware of the situation and a progressive fix is already in the works.

Xperia S ICS update take 2

You can imagine our confusion when we initiated the update procedure only to find that our Xperia S was running the latest version, or so it thought. Both phone and software were in total agreement that Gingerbread 2.3.7 was the latest version of Android available to the S. It turns out we were not alone in this issue and the confusion has prompted Sony to ‘re-release’ the Xperia S ICS update.

Despite the Xperia S already running a highly capable UI built by the Sony team, ICS will add native app and notification dismissal, improved battery life and a host of additional UI tweaks and improvements such as a Walkman equaliser. Sony even released a video for the Xperia S, showcasing its new found talents, making the update mix up all the more frustrating.

Our advice right now is to keep checking your update software to see whether things have changed and let us know via our Twitter, Facebook or in the comments below if you have any luck.


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