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Winner of Recombu and T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S II Giveaway announced

Last month the kind people at T-Mobile gave Recombu readers the chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone, to celebrate the launch of its Truly Unlimited Internet Data plan


A testament to how popular this smartphone is, we were inundated with entries. The question we posed was how big is the screen on the Samsung Galaxy SII?

1: 4-inches

2: 4.3-inches

3: 4.5-inches.

The answer was of course 4.3-inches and the winner was Fiona Maclean from London, who will be getting her hands on the Galaxy SII very soon.

With a dual-core processor and generous 4.3-inch Super AMOLED screen the Galaxy S2 is perhaps the biggest Android success story of the year, shipping 5 million units to date. Read our Samsung Galaxy S2 review here.

With its Truly Unlimited Internet plan, T-Mobile is one of the few networks to offer unlimited data without any download caps or fair-use policy.

This gives you the freedom to stream music, update Facebook and Twitter, browse the internet and watch You Tube videos, without worry about incurring extra charges.

Truly Unlimited data is available on all handset plans £25 and above, find out more from T-Mobile


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