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Disney Plus adds Star channel for more ‘mature’ content

Even more TV shows have arrived on Disney Plus – and this time you can choose from grittier, tougher choices in addition to Marvel and Star Wars.

Star is the name of a new brand on the Disney Plus service that will sit alongside Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, Disney, and National Geographic when it launches on February 23.

This new channel within a channel will specialise in more mature content, including well-known shows such as 24, Lost, Desperate Housewives, How I Met Your Mother, Prison Break, The X-Files, Atlanta, and Black-ish.

Original shows will also be hitting the UK for the first time with Star, including Big Sky (from the writer of Big Little Lies, David E. Kelly) and Love, Victor (which is a television follow-up to the film Love, Simon).

Over the years, Disney has cultivated a family-friendly image for its brand, so it’s not surprising that it seeks to distance this new venture from its main marquee; the only violence Disney has been engaged in over recent years is the metaphorical curb-stomping of all its rival studios at the box office.

Yet neither is it all that surprising that it feels the need to enlarge its stable to cater to wider audiences. With competition heating up in the streaming sector, from Netflix, HBO Max, and others, it’s evident that Disney feels a broader appeal is necessary to come out on top.

That’s not to say by any means that family-friendly fare is being neglected; in December, Disney Plus announced a huge amount of original shows based on Marvel and Star Wars characters that will keep even the most dedicated fans busy for years to come.

Netflix hasn’t been resting on its laurels either, having recently announced seven brand new original series in production in the UK – including the return of Rowan Atkinson to our screens.

The pandemic has surely seen more people than ever turning to streaming services to find some relief from the tedium – but that may have only added a desire for more and more content from the providers. It’s good to see such competition livening up the industry, and we just hope the new shows will live up to their promise.



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