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Retro Soccer (Android/iOS) Tips and Tricks: Score big with our game guide

Retro Soccer has just hit Android phones after previously launching on iPhone, offering a Sensible Soccer style arcade experience for nostalgic gamers. Our full tips and tricks guide will help you to build the best possible team and complete every challenge, while conquering the World Trophy and World League modes.

We love a good footy game here at Recombu Towers. What better way to get ready for the new Premier League season than by smashing through some virtual opponents and scoring your own ridiculous goals. Which is why Retro Soccer is going to take pride of place on our mobile desktops for the coming weeks.

Retro Soccer was released on iPhone earlier in 2017 and has just hit the Google Play store, so Android users can see what all the footballing fuss is about. If you’re new to the game and wish to get up to speed, here’s our complete Retro Soccer tips and tricks guide to help out.

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Pass, pass and pass again

If you try to dribble past your opponents in Retro Soccer (or any football game for that matter), you’ll end up dispossessed and on the back foot in no time at all. Instead, keep the ball moving from player to player and you’ll enjoy much more possession.

Through balls to progress up the pitch

If you press and hold on a clear bit of the pitch, your player will lump the ball into that space for someone else to run onto. This is a great way to sneak through a wall of opponents, if you have no obvious passing opportunities. It’s also a great tactic for quick counter-attacks, or wherever there’s an opportunity to break into space.

Play fair

Body tackles are the best way to take back possession from the other team. Slide tackling must be used sparingly, and carefully too. If you get it wrong or rely on this defensive technique too much, you’ll get the ref on your back. If you see the edges of the screen glowing, that means you’re about to be booked. Whoops.

Score goals with an aftertouch

The goals positively fly in with Retro Soccer, although you’ll have a better chance of scoring from tricky angles by adding aftertouch. If you tap and hold your finger on the left or right side of the screen after your player has taken a shot, the ball will curl in your chosen direction. That’s a great way to get it around a defender or trick the keeper.

Get a better view

Want to check out where your players are spread across the pitch, or look for any possible gaps in the opposition to carve a route to goal? Simply pinch your fingers on the screen and the view will zoom right out, so you can see more of the field.

Upgrade your squad

Remember to regularly check on the state of your players in the Squad screen, accessed from the main menu outside of matches. In here you can check each player’s stats, swap them around to form the strongest possible team and so on.

When you have enough cards, be sure to level up your best players. This boosts their performance on the pitch and gives your overall team rating a bump too. That allows you to get stuck into those Promotion Matches, to progress through the game and unlock the bonus modes.

Log in regularly to get free card packs

Every three hours you get a free card pack, which can boost your squad with even better players (if you’re lucky enough). Some packs contain a Legendary Player, so the more often you come back, the more likely you are to find something spectacular.

Collect as many stars as possible

Completing the Star Challenges in Retro Soccer unsurprisingly earns you stars, which are very valuable indeed. You’ll be informed before each challenge on what objectives must be met in order to unlock each star, so pay close attention. Thankfully you can replay these challenges over and over, until you master them and unlock all of the stars.

Each star that you bag gives you more coins and if you collect enough of them, you’ll unlock the next Star Challenge. That means even more stars, even more bonus coins and even the ability to play new game modes like the World Trophy and World League tournaments. See more on these in the next tip.

Check out the World Trophy and World League modes

As you progress through the Victory Road story, you’ll unlock Trophy and League modes. These tournaments allow you to take on other keen players, with coins awarded for each victory you notch up. You can even bag yourself some coins by correctly predicting the results of other matches.


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