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Samsung hits record profits thanks to the Galaxy S2 and others

Apple and Google might have reasons to be cheerful (and to a lesser extent, Nokia), but 2011 looks to have been a great year for Samsung as well.

The South Korean firm has broken records for profits, racking up at total $4.7 billion (£2.9 billion) for the last quarter (October-December) of 2011.

According to figures from Strategy Analytics, it’s sales of phones from the Galaxy range of Android phones that have been the big earner for Samsung.

Though no official breakdown of figures has been announced by Samsung, Strategy Analytics’ report estimates that 36.5 million Samsung phones were sold in the last quarter of 2011.

Before then, sales of the Samsung Galaxy S2 had already broke into the millions. The Samsung Galaxy Note tablet/phone hybrid, went on sale in October shipped a million units before the year was out. This is pretty remarkable given its high price point and large size (is it a tablet/is it a phone?).

The report also says that Samsung’s telecoms business earned a record $2.35 billion profit in October-December alone and that $22 billion will be funnelled back into display and chipset production.

Apple however remains biggest client, buying screens and chips from Samsung, as the patent battle between the two mobile giants continues to rage.

Source: Reuters


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